We are a team of highly dedicated, ocean minded, hard working individuals who believe change is possible! 


Kyle Massie

Executive Director

Raised a military brat, Kyle has had the opportunity to see every corner of the United States! He attended Coastal Carolina University where he performed studies on the association index of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of North and South Carolina. He presented his research at SEAMAMMAS the east coast marine mammal conference held annually. He then completed his marine science degree with a renewed passion for conserving our oceans. As a dedicated and driven marine scientist, Kyle founded OHP in 2018 as a great way to combine a passion for marine science education/outreach and an active lifestyle! 

Nick Picha

Content Director

Nick grew up admiring the ocean from afar in Minnesota, vacationing for years in the Grand Strand area. As soon as he could, he moved South and completed a marine science degree at Coastal Carolina University. There, he worked on harmful algal bloom research and phytoplankton monitoring. After school Nick worked as a fisheries observer in the Northeast United States spending countless nights at sea on commercial fishing vessels collecting data for NOAA. He has since been working on a shark diving vessel and collaborating with local scientists on smooth dogfish research. Nick is interested in educating people on issues of sustainable fishing, pollution, and global climate change and can't wait to see where OHP goes!

Garrett Bailey

Legal Specialist 

Garrett is from a small town in Southwest Virginia where the most popular summer activity was traveling 300 miles to the Grand Strand area of the Eastern coast in South Carolina. There he grew more interested in the life and processes of the ocean each year during his vacations until 2014 when he became a student at Coastal Carolina University where he grew his interest into a passion. While attending school there he did most of his research on invertebrates and graduated just two years later with a Bachelors degree in Marine Science. Now he lives in his hometown in Virginia working hard online with Oceans Heroes Project to focus on conservation and spreading education to people both on the coast and inland.

Allix Greenwell

Outreach Coordinator 

Allix grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with a passion for the ocean. She knew at an early age she wanted to be a marine biologist. Well, that's exactly what she did. Allix attended and graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in marine science and a minor in biology. Through Coastal, she interned for a sea turtle light pollution survey along the Grand Strand under sea turtle specialist, Dr. Eric Koepfler. She also assisted in presenting their study at the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Conference in Alabama. With a passion for learning new things about the ocean and its'wildlife, she believes educating others is one of the most important things we can do as scientists. She is very excited to be a part of this talented team! 

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