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Marine Science Research Fellows

The purpose of this project is to develop a Marine Science Research Fellows Program to support outstanding undergraduate research experiences for junior and senior marine science majors.  Undergraduates improve in learning science concepts and scientific practices through research experiences longer than a year with individual research mentoring (Linn et al., 2015).  Increased research participation by marine science students is expected to enhance student performance related to two marine science student learning outcomes:  to improve learning in marine science 300 level core courses (MSCI Assessment Goal 1, SLO 2) and to improve students’ ability to communicate scientific information (MSCI Assessment Goal 2, SLO 1).  

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Research Fellowships will be awarded based on a competitive application process.  Applicants will select one of two models for their time commitment: (1) two consecutive academic years (fall and spring semesters each year), beginning no sooner than the Fellow’s junior year, or (2) a summer and the consecutive academic year, beginning no sooner than the summer before the Fellow’s junior year.  Thus, applications would typically be submitted in the spring of the student’s sophomore year (tentatively late March), or potentially as late as the spring of the junior year for some students pursuing the summer option.  Research Fellows will benefit from this extended time frame working with their faculty research mentor(s) on a focused project.  The timing of applications will encourage students to actively engage in research planning earlier in their academic career, which is more appropriate for their development as a researcher.  Through this project we would like to support eight new Research Fellows each year.  By year two, this would translate into ongoing support for up to 16 Fellows at a time, since fellowships are for up to two years in duration. OHP will provide the support for this program as it progresses

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Educational Tourism Application Program

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Beach Fun

Pier Project

The Grand Strand piers create a unique opportunity to reach out to both tourists and locals alike in the name of conservation. We plan on posting educational posters on the piers that relay information about marine fish and wildlife species that visitors may encounter while at our piers and beaches. 

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Vacation Rental Project

Similar to our pier project, we would like to connect with tourists vacationing in rental properties. Partnering with realty companies, we will provide educational posters to be displayed in vacation rentals. Ask us about sponsoring this project!

More conservation education coming soon!